Here I go

I will start by saying that, I had this new page for a little over a year now. I said I was going to start my blog, but there was always something that stopped me from it. To be quite honest, I can not say it was an issue of time, because that's not the case. I was not sure how much I should be sharing or what I should be sharing. Today I finally said, "I'm doing it!" I would like to say that I've been enjoying being home. I don't have to worry about leaving my kids anywhere else. I went through that when they were very young, as I worked for a company. Now, I consider myself very fortunate, I get to be here with them. Although, I have to say, I miss photographing weddings. It seems that this might be possible towards the end of the year. As for now, I am currently researching new ways to improve my photography. I currently feel the need for inspiration, must be the whole situation with the pandemic. I just bought my first photography book which, I read a couple of pages already. The book is called The Art of Photography by Bruce Barnbaum. I love the fact that he mentions talent, hard work and enthusiasm. He also mentions that as long as you possess two of these three attributes, you will succeed. Now, in order to succeed, one of the attributes must be enthusiasm. I definitely agree with this statement. And to finalize, it is important to say that, we need enthusiasm as this will show in our work, in whatever area that we decide to take on.


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